Moving again

I’ve been a bit nomadic this year. Here are some views of NYC.






When the late Toby Morriss first arrived to South Carolina he was not impressed.  He quite disliked it actually.  Fleeing hurricane Katrina, knowing no one, and being unfamiliar with the culture (or lack thereof compared to New Orleans) all contributed to his distaste and feelings of displacement. So in order to find solace and establish this new alien land as his own, he took his camera to his surroundings.  The body of work thus produced is stunning, graceful, and has always stuck with me.  There is one photograph in particular (and the story with it) I doubt I will ever forget.

Today is the 4th anniversary of Toby’s death. He was an amazing photographer, and an even better friend.  This anniversary never gets easier.

Like Toby, I am not impressed with my new surroundings.  Everyone raves about NYC and says it woos you and seduces you. Well to be honest I just don’t see it yet. And like Toby, I too decided to take my camera to my surroundings in search of beauty in a place that isn’t my home. These are scans from my first roll of film here.  Shot in Bushwick and at Dead Horse Bay on my Hasselblad 500cm with Ilford HP5 400iso.  I did no post-editing that I would not have done in the darkroom. They are in descending order beginning with my most favorite.


















Some Small Ones

Got a couple small pieces for sale. Email me if interested.

$85 8×10 inches Acrylic, Ink, and Resin on Wood Panel (this piece was at Greenpoint Gallery’s first show of this year in Brooklyn, NY …fancy!)

$55 8×8 inches Acrylic, Ink, and Resin on Wood Panel (this piece was also in Greenpoint Gallery’s first show)

$50 6×6 inches Oil, Ink, and Resin on Wood Panel.

$100 8×8 inches Oil, Ink, and Resin on Wood Panel. This is one of my favorite little skeleton characters.


A commission piece I did in Hawaii this past fall for my friend Matt.


Thoughts on NYC

I have been living in Brooklyn, NY for one short month.  In a lot of ways living in NY is just like living in any other city.  It’s busy.  It’s loud.  People work.  People struggle to pay bills.  People still have fun.  People still hang out.

I moved here without rose-colored glasses, without romance.  I came here knowing it would be difficult. And regardless of my clear and sober view, within a few short days, everything anyone had ever told me about life in NYC became painstakingly true.  People said it was magical.  People talked about these New York moments (when you stop suddenly and think “Is this real life?!”). Someone said “You will have your highest highs and your lowest lows here.” Another said it will harden you, and you will grow tougher.  Some people said the city will lure you in, seduce you, and then slap you in the face.  Many spoke of a love/hate relationship with this animal that is New York.  And it’s all true.

The first week was magical.  The next two weeks were hell.  And this past week has been transitional in every way.  I’ve danced with celebrities, broken up a fight, stood in front of life-changing artwork, dressed to the 9’s at fancy night clubs, hustled like it’s my job.  I’ve showed artwork in Brooklyn, fought bedbugs, gone to the mattresses, had the moment of “Remember that time we individually talked about moving here, and now here we are?” I’ve never cried so much and still felt so inspired.  I’ve already moved apartments and FINALLY got a job.  I’ve redirected, regrouped, and I have no idea what tomorrow holds.

So here’s to my one month anniversary with life in NYC.  It’s been wild, it’s been trifling, and I think I’ll stay a while longer.

Columbia Broadside Project

I know I’ve harped on this a bit but I promise it is merited.  I have been continually blown away by the quality of work coming from this project, as well as the professionalism of all involved.  It is truly an honor to be a part of this.  Check out the video and scroll down to see the piece I did with Gil Allen.  Even though you’ve already seen it posted here a while ago…


January/February Shows

Check it out folks!

The Columbia Broadside Project in Columbia, SC
Opening Reception is February 6th at Tapp’s Art Center
The original piece seen below as well as limited edition prints will be for sale at the show. And there are many other fantastic artists work that will also be for sale in the same format, one original and limited prints.

For more info check out the facebook pages:
The Project Info Page
The Opening Reception Page


1st Salon Show of 2014 at Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, NY
This show was rather impromptu and has already passed, but here are some pictures from the event. Also my apologies for the poor quality of pictures here, my pieces are the little skeletons.